8 Best Golf Training Aids to Fix a Poor Golf Swing

With the training aid market growing massively over the last decade it’s time to start considering some to help your swing. Any issues with slices, hooks, bad posture, arm positioning, wrist hinging can all be fixed with some very simple (and affordable) training aids. Below you’ll find an in depth look at the 8 best golf swing aids complete with pricing and rating to ensure you make the right decision. 


Swing Path Trainer
Speed Sticks
Impact Ball
Wrist Hinge
Alignment Rods
Shortened Swing Stick
Impact Bag
Whip Swing Tempo Trainer

#1 Swing Path Trainer          

Our number 1 pick comes in the shape of a translucent platform with 4 red foam rods that attach and detach extremely easily from the Velcro meaning you can influence and encourage different swing paths. 

The natural human instinct when swinging is to avoid objects that are in the way, which is why the Swing Path trainer is perfect for trying to encourage/discourage certain swing paths. You will receive instant feedback too as you can clearly see whether or not you have hit any of the rods because you will see them fly up in the air! 

Typical bad shots with swing path solutions are as below:

Shank - set 2 rods on the outside of the plastic base, if you connect with the rods this shot would have been a shank. By avoiding the 2 outside rods you are ensuring a shank is simply not possible.

Slice - Position 1 foam rod at the back on the right and 1 at the front left. By avoiding the 2 rods this will create an inside to outside swing thus preventing the ‘over the top’ movement needed for a slice. 

Hook - Position 1 foam rod at the back on the left and 1 at the front right. By avoiding the 2 rods this will create an outside to inside swing thus preventing the ‘closed’ club face on impact which usually results in a hook.

Fat -  Placing your ball inside the ridge of the plastic base and taking a shot without the rods can also tell you if you flick early or lean back too much meaning your weight would cause you to fat the ball - these issues would be evident if you make contact with plastic board then you are hitting into the ground too much resulting in poor ball contact. 

Ease of practice for good shots:

Fade - Position 1 foam rod at the back on the left and 1 at the front right. Your club path should angle out to the left (right handers) by about 15 degrees which when avoiding the rods will create an out to in swing path enabling you to fade the ball. 

Draw - Position 1 foam rod at the back on the right and 1 at the front left. Your club path should angle out to the right (for right handers) by about 15 degrees which when avoiding the rods will create an in to out swing path enabling you to draw the ball.

Overall a highly favourable training aid if you want to find out your weaknesses in terms of shot shaping. Simply position the rods how you like to achieve your desired shot and repeat until you’re bored of being so good!

Not one to be missed, this would be a smart addition to your golf bag. 

Price: £34.99-£91.99
Our Rating: 9.5/10


#2 Speed Swing Sticks 

Okay so we’ve had a training aid that helps shot shaping and swing path, now here’s one for you out there that want to hit some bombs!

Usually in a pack of 3 or 4, in our opinion if you want to be hitting the ball further then these are crucial to achieving that. Built to emulate a golf club the shaft is exactly like a golf club but where the club face would be it is simply replaced with colour coded weights. 

The idea behind Speed sticks are similar to that of weights around your ankles when running. The resistance (weight) you feel when practicing with the speed sticks increases, then your club head speed will have increased given the resistance.

When you swing at the same speed with a regular golf club which has much less weight, then there will not be as much resistance in comparison thus increasing your club head speed most efficiently. 

The price range on these sticks can vary drastically and it all depends on what you’d like to pay, don’t sacrifice quality for price but at the same time, if the weights are correct then the principle is the same, increase distance!

Price: £89.99-£199.99
Our Rating: 9/10


#3 Golf Impact Ball

Taking the number 3 spot for us is the Golf Impact Ball which has been used by many tour professionals, including Justin Thomas. It’s quite simply just an inflatable ball attached to a lanyard that sits between your arms upon your swing with the lanyard fully adjustable to fit any of you no matter your size! 

The aim is to ‘keep connected’ throughout your swing and keep the ball in between your forearms throughout the process of your full swing. The vast majority of golfers when trying to increase clubhead speed, or their swing plane, generally tend to lose some of the fundamentals such as keeping connected throughout the swing.

Correcting your swing before you develop bad habits is something everybody wishes they could do, this is basically doing that for you, in the form of an affordable, portable blow up ball - Golf made easy!

Price: £13.99
Our Rating: 9/10


#4 Wrist Hinge Trainer

Another super affordable and useful golf training aid is the Wrist Hinge Trainer which is used by many coaches and professionals and has been featured in huge publications such as Golf Digest and Golf magazine, which gives it even more kudos as if it needed anymore stressing the importance of this essential tool - and due to it’s small size can be put in your golf bag with ease! 

The main focus of the aid is to make sure your hands and wrists hinge at the correct time, not too late or too early. You will know if they have ‘hinged’ correctly because the wrist hinge will sit on your weaker forearm (right handers this will be your left forearm). This will make sure your swing becomes more on plane and will give you a feel of what is correct which will allow you to develop correct muscle memory which will ultimately eliminate them nasty hooks and slices from your game!

Price: £10.99
Our Rating: 9/10


#5 Golf Alignment Sticks/Rods

Surely you’ve seen these right? Or if not, you might have seen a coach or somebody laying two golf clubs on the ground? Don’t worry they’re not going mad.

The principle is the same as these 2 extendable rods which that can be used in various ways, firstly, the alignment rods can most simply be placed on the ground for feet and ball alignment, (like the golf clubs explained above) making sure your feet are parallel with the ball ensuring your posture is correct.

They can also be stuck in the ground at certain angles to encourage swing path, using them at different angles will ensure you can play different shots like a draw or fade, depending on what angle the sticks are at.

Perfect for home drills or at the range and very easy to transport due to folding, as well as the cheap price, we think these should be a staple of your golf bag.

Price: £14.99
Our Rating: 8/10

#6 Shortened Swing Stick

A slight copy of the speed sticks we spoke about previously, this shortened version is ideal for anyone who struggles with the feel of their swing and wants to practice any time, anywhere. 

The principle behind this training aid is that it emulates a golf club with the end weighted exactly the same as your standard club. This means you can put what you’ve been taught in your lesson into practice from the comfort of your own home. Lots of us struggle to hit the driving range or course after a busy day at work so making sure your swing does not lose quality this product is pretty handy!

Featuring on most of these, depending on the quality and price, will be a grip assistance handle meaning for beginners or any of you who struggle with hand/thumb positioning, the aid will force you into the correct grip thus enhancing your striking!

In our opinion, another one not to be missed for the average everyday golfer who maybe doesn’t have time to hit the range or course.

*Fine print* Your spouse may get sick of you practicing your swing (spoken from our experience). 

Our Rating: 8/10
Price: £34.99


#7 Golf Impact Bag

No matter your ability the main aim in golf is what happens at the moment you hit that ball, in other words, the impact! 

The impact bag or smash bag others may call it is designed for the sole purpose of your technique on impact. With a small target circle through the middle to aim for you can clearly see and feel your club face connecting with the bag. The feedback you receive upon impact is vital to understanding your swing and where you can improve!

Another training aid that can be used inside provided it is filled correctly. Our advice on this one is to half fill with sand for the bottom to create a solid base ensuring the bag does not go flying off on impact. Once this has been done we advise wet towels for the impact area so you are not damaging your club or wrists on impact. 

There are many variations in which you can choose to fill but whatever works best for you is the advice on this one. 

Price: £19.99-£34.99
Our Rating: 8/10

 Golf Impact Bag

#8 Whip Swing Trainer

A much newer training aid used by many of the top pros due to the feedback on your swing (and how fun it is to use). 

Every golfer wants to hit the ball further, well at least we do! The whip trainer is perfect to keep your swing in sync, in the luxury of your own home (watch them ceilings though!).

The weight at the end of the club is strategically placed to counterweight the rest of the club, meaning if your swing is off plane or your rhythm is off, your club will wobble, knowing an adjustment is definitely needed. 

With core strength and ‘golf fitness’ creeping its way into the game recently this can double up as a core workout and vastly improve flexibility throughout your swing. 

Price: £39.99-£99.99
Our Rating: 8/10