George Blackshaw - Amputee Golfer

George Blackshaw (@theamputeegolfer)

Recently we've been looking for inspiring stories in the golf industry and we're delighted to have arranged a short Q&A style chat with George Blackshaw. George is a keen golfer and a right arm and right leg amputee - despite this George's game is phenomenal and we are inspired by positive attitude and determination to improve and progress his golf game! 

Below see the transcript of our chat:

Pittstop Golf - George Blackshaw

Q: How did you get into Golf?

A: I have two older brothers and my Dad who were always playing when I was growing up and it just got me determined to get involved and start having lessons. 

Q: At what age did you start?

A: I was 14 years old.

Q: What are you future ambitions with regards to the game?

A: Playing wise, being a disabled golfer, I fully intend to get involved in disabled golf events nationally and globally. 
I would love to inspire other golfers, disabled or not, to get involved in the game, or at least give it a try.

Q: Who is your golfing idol, past or current?

A: My Brothers and Dad inspired me. I also grew up loving Tiger Woods. 
Disabled golfer Brendan Lawlor is someone I find unbelievably inspiring too. Although I've also always had a soft spot for Englishmen, especially Lee Westwood and Tommy Fleetwood. I also love the way Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas play the game.

Q: How has being an amputee affected your golf journey?

A: Honestly for me, my whole life, I've never seen my disability as a disability. It's more an ability, it's a small hurdle for me to get over but I don't see myself as any different to anyone else. 

Q: Have you been treated differently because of this? Better or worse?

A: I feel like people automatically do treat me differently because they are just trying to be kind and generous. However, none of my friends treat me different and I love that. 

Q: What are the main struggles you have with regards to your game - and how have you adapted to continue progressing? 

A: One of the main things I have trouble with is gaining height on the ball and really I generally hit quite a low ball flight but over the years, with growing and gym exercises, I've grown the strength in my left arm. 

Q: Do you feel there is enough exposure for golfers with any kind of disability?

A: I believe the exposure is definitely a lot more than it was. However, there's so many amazing golfers with a disability who I've seen. The way they deal with their disability is incredible. 

Q: What advice would you give anybody out there with any kind of disability, whether that be physical or mental when wanting to play golf?

A: For me, I'd say just give it a go. It definitely takes a long time to get good and a lot of practice but it's so worth it. 
For anyone with a disability, believe your disability won't stop you.
Golf is a game for everyone. 

You can find George's Instagram by clicking the link below:

Pittstop Golf's Co-Owner, Jack, says:

"We have followed Georges' progress for some time now and we have to say his positive outlook on golf and on life is refreshing. It's been an absolute pleasure for us to dig deeper into his life and golf journey and we'd like to thank George for taking the time to speak to us.

To say we are in awe of him as a golfer and a person is an understatement and we hope he achieves the very best in anything he does in the future"

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