About us

We are two friends based in the United Kingdom who enjoy playing golf but the recent lockdowns made us have a look at what we could do at home in terms of continuing to golf and improving our game.

We soon found that there was a problem with training aids and home equipment and that was simply the price and therefore were inaccessible to most - including us. We also found that a lot of credible golfing websites only toyed with the idea of training aids or home equipment and that if you wanted to buy a collection, you would have to go site to site.

At Pittstop Golf, we aim to give you the best training aids, direct from the factory line which therefore gives you essentially top end branded products at a margin of the price and conveniently all in one place.

We genuinely thank you for your time and support and hope that we can repay the favour by what we offer and at the price we offer it at. 

Please feel free to ask any questions in our contact us page if you have any questions or feedback on the site - every single question and bit of feedback is highly valuable and again appreciated.

Yours thankfully, 

Pittstop Golf