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The dreaded slice in golf affects around 85% of players, especially beginners.

It’s primarily caused by a swing path that is from out to in. When this is combined with an open club face, the result will inevitably be a slice.

Human instinct tells someone who slices the ball to aim left to allow for the slice, which will only cause the swing path to move further out of sync and increase the severity of the slice.

Dan Connell, PGA Professional says 'Pittstop Golf’sSwing Path Trainer can be used as an alignment aid to ensure you’re always aiming at your target, before letting you know immediately if your swing path goes from out to in'. In addition, our Swing Path Trainer gives instant feedback in the form of 4 foam rods, if you hit one of them the path is either in to out or out to in.

Another aid that may benefit your swing is our Wrist Hinge Trainer, which will make sure you will get used to the 'correct' feeling of an on plane swing, as the Training Aid will hit the opposite forearm if correct.

Getting your swing on plane has never been easier as you can practice anywhere, anytime with our 2m Driving Net or3m Driving Net combined with our best seller the Tri-Turf Mat.


A hook is caused by a combination of a swing path that is too much from ‘in to out’ and a club face that is closed at the point of impact.
To promote a more on plane swing path our Wrist Hinge Trainer will only meet your forearm when your swing is 'on plane' therefore resulting in a less in to out swing.

Another one of our training aids that is extremely useful in producing a more on plane swing swing is our Swing Path Trainer.
Dan Connell, PGA Professional, says: 'Pittstop Golf's Swing Path Trainer will tell you instantly if your swing path is too much from in to out'.

Getting your swing on plane has never been easier as you can practice anywhere, anytime with our 2m Driving Net or3m Driving Net combined with our best seller the Tri-Turf Mat.

Adding Distance

Whatever your standard, everyone would benefit from an extra 10/15 yards off the tee!

To create more distance in Golf, ultimately you need to create more clubhead speed at the point of impact between club and ball.

The vast majority of golfers will ruin their main swing fundamentals when trying to create more speed, including their tempo, connectivity and timing - which brings us onto the first training aid we advise, our Smart Impact Golf Ball.

This training aid will make the feel of being 'connected' throughout your swing a lot more familiar, thus making sure a fundamental in staying connected does not lapse when trying to increase club head speed.

One of our main club head speed increaser however is our Speed Swing Trainers [4 Pieces] . This set works by applying resistance in the form of weight in a free swing, which means when you eventually pick up a golf club, it feels lighter and therefore leads to a natural increase in club head speed.

In addition to this, if the weather or low ceilings prevent you from being able to do a full swing, you can use our Speed Swing Trainer which again acts with the same principles as the above, but with a shorter club meaning you can do all of the above activities in the warmth and comfort of your own home - irrespective of any restrictions.

These training aids will help you keep those fundamentals whilst increasing your clubhead speed and therefore hitting the ball further and adding that desired distance to your shots.

You can easily practice your club speed with our 2m Driving Net or3m Driving Net combined with our best seller the Tri-Turf Mat.


Your putting game is arguably just as important as driving and quite often overlooked, but as they say 'Drive for show, Putt for dough'!

A lot of people have the belief that they are either a good putter or they are not, and this cannot be learnt - which is simply incorrect.

Here at Pittstop Golf, we are firm believers that 'practice makes perfect' and this is extremely present in putting. The more you can understand tempo, the more square your putter club face is on impact and simple repetition of this, the more makeable putts you will hole on the course.

Our Dual Return Putting Matis an ideal Training Aid to practice the above 2 as it has 2 'difficulties' as such - a larger hole and a smaller hole. The 10ft Mat allows you to be able to get a real feel of how to gauge tempo and hole them putts.

In addition to the convenient functionalities, it is also super convenient due to it's 'return nature'. Each putt holed will simply return back to you, and so will each putt that is slightly overhit.